Mt. Mulch

A mountain of mulch is slowly being distributed around our property, in preparation for spring and summer planting.

In total we will have used thirty cubic metres of mulch around our property, once this latest lot of mulch is cleared.

Here in the Northern Waikato, summer is typically very hot and dry. Mulching garden beds with a fairly thick layer of wood chip mulch, helps address the drought conditions that turn up and can prove to be challenging.

Layers of cardboard help with weed suppression. We have found a thick layer of mulch keeps each garden bed in good order, encourages good soil life, helps with actual water retention and overall ground temperature levels also.

These garden beds are currently being worked on, and the bamboo markers are being used as guides for placement of some additional planting later.

Doesn't it look so much neater and tidier?! It is so nice to see the progress being made, and to know it will aid actual crop yields later also.

The Back to Eden Gardening method which makes good use of wood chip mulch covering, has in our experience been one that has been incredibly beneficial to embrace. Check it out online yourself, if you are interested in achieving less toil on the gardening front.

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