Hello Friends

Dear Online Friends & Blog Readers,

Firstly, I want to extend to you all a huge apology. It has been such a long time since I blogged. There are sure to be many of you that have given up on coming over to check out this very blog, due to the fact that you have simply got tired of waiting for another post to turn up!

As to the promised posts about the frugal and budget friendly recipes? What has happened to those, you may well ask. Sorry. They simply have not got put together to completion. I hope at some point to do that very series that I intended and promised to do. As for when they will be put together? I am sorry, I just simply as of yet don't know.

I wish I could explain in some explainable detail what has been occurring for our household over the past several months, and why this blogging thing I have done so much in the past has been so stagnant, so still, so silent for such a length of time.

Instead, I can only really say that due to a number of significant happenings, I have simply not put hand to keyboard and put together a blog post for some time here at Household Logistics.

All I can do is apologise and ask for your understanding. Such has been the various life events & circumstances our household has had to work through, (and which I personally have had to work through), that I have just not had the additional time and energy, needed to do this thing called blogging.

I am now homeschooling both our children. It is wonderful. It is fun. It is rewarding. It is challenging.

It most certainly adds an additional tiredness and drain upon me. I would also have it no other way. For now being in the role full-time of home educator, for two very different learners, is most certainly stretching and satisfying.

Home schooling both our children was a decision that came about due to a number of factors. For one child in particular it was a case of making the necessary decision very quickly. We as a family so appreciate that we can choose freely in this nation to home educate our children and provide what is absolutely best for each individual child.

It seems to be that a good number of people are having to re-evaluate where things are at for their households at present. There are those working through their own version of downsizing to adjust to the current economic climate...... There are those that for health reasons are having to re-think how to meet new dietary requirements while still on a limited food budget (why is food so expensive??!)...... There are those having to yet again investigate how to pursue other means of household income when a door has recently closed.....

The world seems to be changing such a lot at present, and along with it, so many people seem to find some measure of change needing to be taken on board within the very walls of their own home.

Change can be exhausting. It involves taking on board new rhythms, new patterns, new habits, new ways of approaching things. The are times at the moment, I simply just want to have dinner and then go straight to bed due to the depletion of what energy at all I had stored away. Yet, there are always jobs beckoning and wanting attention.

Thankfully, my husband is very supportive and willing to help around home in the evenings. I simply do not have the energy to do much extra at present, as we all adjust to things being a little different and a little more involved here within the four walls of our home.

Home is not only home, but our main schoolhouse now. The garden appears somewhat abandoned, and the household chores get done when they can be done around schooling and watching over music practices, going to soccer games, etc.

Like many households, our catch phrase now to would-be guests would be: "Come visit, but please ignore the mess!"

So please, Dear Blog Readers & Online Friends, please ignore the mess! Please kindly excuse the lack of follow up posts over the past little while. I hope to get back to contributing blog posts here at Household Logistics more frequently soon.

I love blogging. I love the fact we all have access to a community of online friends and readers who care enough to occasionally stop by and check in to see what is happening in someone else's neck-of-the-woods.

I plan to join in and get back to blogging more consistently again... some time soon. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with the 'household logistics' of this very blog being, for hopefully a short season, in something of disarray.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.


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