DIY Diva: Sneak Peek

One of my current DIY projects is just about completed.  See if you can guess what this particular household item is, by looking at the photographs below. All the best!

This afternoon I spent quite a bit of time using a sanding block to distress the newly painted surface. It seems a little bit strange, having given an item a fresh lease on life by painting it, to then go back over it with a sanding block. Yet, because I am working at producing an overall finish and look that is vintage looking and shabby chic in style, sanding back over everything is exactly what I have to do!

It is interesting seeing all the different layers that become exposed by distressing the overall painted surface. The visual texture is quite lovely. The resulting dust however seemed to unfortunately go everywhere.

Corners, edges, all the raised surfaces got attention over time with the sanding block today.

Lots of interesting distressed surface texture kept appearing.

Below are all the photographs side by side, to give you an overall sneak peek at this almost completed item. Any thoughts yet on what this particular household item might be, and what it might be used for?

Leave a comment & share what you think this particular household item might be.

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