A Bookshelf Makeover

Here are some photographs from a recent makeover of a bookshelf I have worked on. This re-organization makeover is on a large 5 x 5 Expedit shelving unit, within a family living area.

I chose to sort and organize all the books by colour, hence you can now see something like a rainbow beginning to appear on this particular large shelving unit. Doesn't it look just so bright, cheery and welcoming!

This is still a work in progress, but I thought I would share how it is all looking so far.

You just want to grab a bean bag, and curl up for a time to enjoy reading a book for a while, don't you? It is amazing how grouping by colour can make an area that could look rather ho-hum, and even perhaps a little drab, suddenly full of light and fun!

Sometimes doing the unexpected, can have great results. It can put a little sparkle back into an area of the home that may have become just a storage area, rather than an actual area of the home that can nurture and energize.

A rainbow on a bookshelf? It looks very refreshing and appealing!

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