Maintenance & Motivation

Getting motivated to tackle some particular jobs about the home can be difficult. There are just some maintenance jobs that are unappealing and sometimes even plain grotty.

Clearing and cleaning behind the fridge was something that needed to be tackled here recently. Some lost pieces of Lego were found, there were dust bunnies and cobwebs... just the usual somewhat predictable evidence that this was an area that hadn't had some attention for a while!

Even the surface of top of the fridge required a little attention via a dust and clean. You could literally draw in the dust. Oops!

Well, it is all sorted, cleared and clean again finally. Check out the following photographs of the lovely clear and clean surfaces all present now! Yay! It is always nice to see an 'After' photograph isn't it?

Here it is: An 'After' photograph of the area behind the fridge.

Here is a photograph of the now very shiny and dust free top of the fridge also!

When it is all done, it is satisfying to see the result. Finding the motivation to get such tasks done proves to be worthwhile. It DOES seem to freshen everything up overall, within the greater kitchen area, when you get on with getting these types of tasks finally ticked off the to-do list.

Plus, it IS really nice to know that even in those places out of sight and out of mind, things are clean and dust-free also!

The pantry cupboard is due for a sorting out session again very soon for sure. The interior of the fridge could do with a wipe down. As for the backyard garden........ there is quite a number of tasks that need doing there, over the next little while as well! Sigh! Oh, the joys of maintaining and keeping house and home in order!

There is always something, isn't there? There is always something that requires a little attention. Yet, it all helps to keep things ticking over, and contributes to us all enjoying life and health, in that very place that we love to call home.

What maintenance jobs do you find you are currently needing to face, and yet there is something of a struggle with regard to getting yourself motivated to do them?

Does putting on some music help you get on with facing up to the task required? Do you have a favourite play list you like to listen to?

What sort of time-frame for completion do you find works best? Do you like to reward yourself with the promise of a follow up treat?

Feel free to comment and share what you find helps to spark the motivation to get on with the maintenance tasks you face in and around your home.

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