7 Days of Seeking Joy

Hi Everyone!

For seven days I will be posting a daily inspirational quote focused on JOY.

If you are feeling somewhat parched and lacking in encouragement, may these prove to be just what you need over the next little while!

The previous post Seeking Joy hopefully has got a number of you thinking already, more intentionally, each day about some of the things that are sources of joy for you within your daily experience.

It is hoped that each of these daily inspirational quotes, over the next seven days, may particularly help those who are still struggling with feeling somewhat overwhelmed on the home-front.

It would be great to hear via your comments how this seven day special focus on seeking joy goes for you. Do let me know also which of the quotes particularly strike a chord with you.

Joy can be found in amongst the ordinary, and alongside the monotonous and the repetitive! Enjoy seeking out and acknowledging what is a daily source of joy for you over the next little while. May you find just what you need to feel refreshed and full of greater joy each day! Enjoy!

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