Clutter Busters

Rubber bands left to lurk randomly amongst fruit in a fruit bowl, plastic bags squeezed into a kitchen drawer, soaps hiding in half opened packets at the very back and bottom of the bathroom vanity.......

Every day ordinary items can become sources of visual and spatial busyness. A lack of organization, or inappropriate means of storage, can create the sense that those very items are just simply household clutter.

If everyday, ordinary (but often needed) items are not readily available and easily found, they can become actual sources of frustration due to time, energy and actual finances being wasted getting unnecessary replacements.

There are always going to be things like plastic bags, plastic lids and food containers, drink bottles, rubber bands, rolls of sellotape, bath soaps, spare batteries.... which need to be organized in a manner that keeps them readily accessible.

There is a need for orderliness when organizing such items, in order to ensure they do not end up being repeatedly deemed the bricks and mortar of household clutter.

To share some of the various ways our own household have chosen to store and organize such typical everyday items, I am aiming to post a blog series over the next little while titled Clutter Busters.

Clutter Busters will be a blog post series sharing some practical organization and storage options, specifically for several very ordinary household items.

The Clutter Buster series will share how these newly embraced options for organizing items have each in turn contributed to making a positive difference on the household logistics front, right here in my very own household.

This is NOT to say: Hey! This is THE way to do organize this! Nor is it about saying: Hey! THIS is the most PERFECT way to store that! NO! Definitely not!! Rather, it is hoped that each blog post in the Clutter Buster series might spark an idea.

Each blog post's underlying intention will be to share an alternative option or two for storing and organizing that specific item. These alternative options may be of interest to you, should you be seeking an alternative to your current approach also.

The Clutter Buster series of blog posts is about sharing what may be an alternative, and possibly prove to also be a more workable solution for you and your household.

There are of course numerous practical and simple ways to address organizing every day items. Let's acknowledge that whatever organization is embraced by anyone, is done so at the time, as it is perceived to meet the current situational need best.

As said before: it is not a case of saying this is the ONLY way, the PERFECT way of organizing these particular items, but about simply sharing a particular approach that for the time being meets a number of requirements.

Being orderly. Being able to provide easy accessibility in a timely and energy-efficient manner everyday items needed is what Clutter Busters are all about. I am sure we all know first-hand that it does take energy to locate items!

Regardless of the number of occupants who live in any given household, there will always be every day, very ordinary items that need to be on hand.

Those very same items, due to be used regularly or even daily, will need to be organized and stored to able to be located quickly.

Being able to store those very items in an orderly rather than disorderly fashion can only be a good thing.

Whatever method of organization is taking on board is what is deemed best at the time, according to knowledge and resources available also.

We all often just need to see or hear of an alternative approach to storage and organization, in order to help spark an idea that fits best for our own current circumstances.

There's nothing quite like discovering a helpful clutter buster hint via someone else trialling, assessing and eventually sharing what works best in their particular unique circumstances.

It can be extremely helpful to be privy to their hindsight and any corresponding fine-tuning and adaptation that occurred along the way.

A blog post series titled Clutter Busters.......enjoy reading and gleaning from those trialled as part of my own household's logistics.

Do you acquire lots of plastic bags?
Do they seem to somehow creep into your home, to then be found lodged in the back corner of the pantry, or curled up in odd clusters in a crowded drawer? 

Check out the first post in this series titled Clutter Busters, sharing a method of storing plastic bags that addresses the issue of keeping things orderly, accessible, and allows for them to be re-circulated and re-purposed readily when required.

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