My Backyard: Preparing for Chickens & the Moon Calendar

For some time we have been keen to get some backyard chickens. I have at least two lovely friends who every so often enquire as to where we are at with regard to getting them.

One of my dear friends who has been ever so gently, yet fairly regularly, reminding me of the perks of having our very own backyard chickens is Jennifer Morris, whose blog is that wonderfully inspiring blog A Thousand Words.

Recently Jennifer and her husband Grant designed and built a new and larger chicken coop to provide housing for their flock of backyard chickens.

Jen designed, and then she and Grant constructed together a simply gorgeous (and I really mean GORGEOUS) chicken coop that everyone (both locally and internationally) that has read about and watched that particular household project come to fruition, has been simply gob-smacked by!

This husband and wife team are outstanding when it comes to their DIY projects!

It is astounding what they can design and take from a sketch to an actual real live workable, three dimensional outcome! The resulting chicken coop is very, very impressive.

All because they work together so well, making the most of each others' skills and abilities as a co-operating husband and wife team! Absolutely fantastic partnership and teamwork is exemplified by this remarkable couple's various project outcomes!

Having completed this wonderously chic new coop for their flock of heritage breed chickens, Jen and Grant graciously offered our family first option of purchasing the original chicken coop.

Thanks again Jen and Grant for thinking of our family!

So having accepted the opportunity to finally have and purchase a chicken coop, our household is on it's way to actually, finally, really coming to the point of having real live, organic feed chickens taking up residence in our very own backyard!

Having dreamt of having my own lifestyle block farm no less, since we relocated to a more town-country style of life, having chickens now just seems so perfectly in keeping with that dream!

The coop is still needing to be fully assembled again, however, it is very exciting to finally be that bit closer to being able to have our own flock of hens!

Here is a little peek to show some real photographic evidence of our household getting ready to have backyard chickens!

Over the next few weeks we will work at putting the chicken coop back together, as it was dismantled to transport it.

We are looking forward to deciding what breed or breeds of chickens we might get. It will be interesting to do some investigating, and then see what may be available around the time we are able to get them. There is sure to be a future blog post (or two) about acquiring and keeping our very own backyard chickens!

The weather lately has been just so beautiful, with lots of lovely warming Spring sunshine. It has certainly been weather that is conducive to time being spent in the garden.

According to the current Moon Calendar root crops can be sown from Tuesday 22 October - Wednesday 23 October.

From Thursday 24 October - Tuesday 29 October it is a good time to continue with weeding, cultivating, do some pruning, plus harvest those crops that are ready.

It is not long now to Labour Weekend, which is a Public Holiday here in New Zealand. It is literally just days away!

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

Please note: the photographs used to specifically illustrate Jennifer and Grant Morris' Chicken Coop Project and which are used with permission for this Blog Post are by Jennifer Morris herself. Thank you so much Jen for letting me link to them.

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