Feeling Overwhelmed: The Benefits and Nuances

The Blog series, Helpful Steps to Address a Sense of Being Overwhelmed, is one I thought I would write to share some ideas and steps that may help others.

It is a series that may hopefully help someone address, what occasionally strikes us all, that sense of being overwhelmed on the home administration front.

Feeling occasionally overwhelmed, has both its benefits and nuances.

Feeling overwhelmed can result in making you feel emotionally down.

It can result perhaps even in making you feeling really despondent, about how things are going for you as the home administrator.

Feeling overwhelmed can, in itself, become crippling on the home administration front.

However, I would like you to perhaps consider the following:

You can choose to view a sense of feeling overwhelmed as a healthy, helpful sign.

You can choose to view a sense of feeling overwhelmed as one that may actually be beneficial to occasionally have turn up.

You may well ask: Why?

Why? Because it can be viewed as a clear sign that there is a current, can't-be-moved-past need for taking stock of where things are at and how things are functioning on the home-front.

It is a clear sign that there is a need for the whole family group, the whole household of people linked together by this specific environment you all affectionately refer to as home, to take stock. Now.

It is a sign that there really is a need for re-thinking.

There is absolutely a need for re-thinking, as soon as is really possible, and re-addressing some of the routines and systems that are perhaps now, quite obviously, proving to be not at all useful and appropriate for everyone in your home.

That's right. Everyone.

For some of us, perhaps due to health reasons, feeling overwhelmed may kick in more so than it does for other people.

To experience feeling overwhelmed, is a clear sign that things need to be directly faced. That expectations need to be re-set.

It is a clear sign everyone in the household needs to re-think, re-group, re-assess their contributions to allow everyone to experience the home situation as being workable.

Feeling overwhelmed is a clear, direct, helpful human signal that unless we, the team of people in this household, stop and take stock now, someone's health (whether it's their physical, mental or emotional health or all three), is going to continue from this point on to greatly suffer.

Feeling overwhelmed is a clear, direct helpful human sign, that unless the team of people in the household take stock now, someone is going to unduly suffer health-wise, due to unrealistic time restraints being set in place for that particular person to work within.

Feeling overwhelmed is the body and mind's signal that a human being is not coping with unrealistic, pre-designated standards and expectations. The standards and expectations simply were not realistic!

Feeling overwhelmed on the home-front, is a clear sign someone has carried way too much of the household load.

It is time for team time.

It is time for all to honour the home as being a safe, peaceful, relaxed place for all it's inhabitants.

Having myself had to process having limitations at times, due to being a person who seems to periodically experience quite severe anaemia, and therefore periods of debilitating physical exhaustion, I fully understand that some people can experience feeling overwhelmed more so than others.

Feeling overwhelmed can simply come about due to health limitations dictating what can actually be done, within any given period of time.

Feeling overwhelmed can simply come about due to health limitations kicking in to limit what can be done with actual energy had.

I personally very much understand what that particular predicament can be like!

To try and do what you can, when you can, as you can, I understand more so than most may.

If you experience being overwhelmed, and wonder who might really empathize and understand your predicament, (and not just think you are lazy and totally disorganized), you have come to the right Blog to read for sure!

Be encouraged.

Be kind about what has, and is, and can be reasonably achieved, due to time and energy available to you.

Be kind.

Sometimes, as it has been previously said via this very Blog, you the home administrator have to just take time to breathe.

Just breathe.

I hope that you will read through this small series titled Helpful Steps to Address a Sense of Being Overwhelmed over the next little while, and find perhaps one or two ideas that spark a possibility for a positive break through for you and your own household.

Feeling overwhelmed.

It's a challenge that can be worked through.

What do you find most overwhelming on the home administration front?
  • Keeping up with the continual cycle of laundry? 
  • Keeping up with a morning routine?
  • Keeping toys and books stored in an organized fashion, yet still accessible for the younger members of your household?
  • Letting go of actual objects and items from the past that having strong memory associations? 
  • Knowing how many clothes, toys, books, etc it is reasonable to store away for your children?
  • Getting children on board, in an age appropriate fashion, with chores and routines?
  • Balancing the need to keep the home tidy & functional, against simply having fun and creating positive family memories of home-life together also?
I would really appreciate your feedback & comments to help me determine what other Posts to possibly include in this Blog series on addressing being overwhelmed, particularly if someone has an area of specific focus they would appreciate some ideas being offered for.

The online community is a community that can be a great source of support and resourceful ideas to help us all navigate how best to administer our own unique household logistics. 
Let's encourage each other by that very means!
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Coming next in this particular series: The value of a Household Directive to Address a Sense of Feeling Overwhelmed.

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