A Kitchen Swap Party

Sometimes it is good to have a little 'carrot' to aim for, when working on a project. By 'carrot' of course, I mean a little reward, an eventuating target, something to enjoy, to look forward to, to gain.... as a positive concluding benefit.

I have been quite busy de-cluttering, sorting, purging, deep-cleaning, over-hauling and reorganizing the kitchen area of our home, around the busyness of our usual household activities, when time & energy have allowed me to do so.

I have been thinking that maybe it would lovely to have something fun, yet purposeful, to look forward to at the completion of my own Project:Kitchen.

So the idea of having a kitchen-themed Swap Party began percolating!

I designed some invitations using the online photo editing site PicMonkey, then printed what invitations I needed, plus forwarded other invitations on to friends via email.

A Swap Party is about to occur soon! I very much like the idea of offering what is now going to be considered surplus, that our household no longer requires, to others. A Swap Party is a chance to do so!

Having a kitchen-themed Swap Party will be a great way to allow friends to have a look through the surplus kitchen items I am gradually putting aside, to see what they may like to acquire and re-purpose for their households. Plus, they in turn can bring along kitchen related items to swap on the night also.

It is always nice to have an opportunity to get together with friends, so the idea is that there will be a pot-luck dessert buffet, plus hot drinks offered on the night also.

That way people can check out what is put out on the Swap Tables, plus just enjoy chatting and sampling yummy dessert treats also. (No Calories or Pro-Points allowed to be worried about that evening!).

Whatever is left at the end of the evening, can all be packed up and then passed on to a local charity.

Sounds like a winner of a event to me!

I am really looking forward to hosting this kitchen-focused Swap Party. It will be so nice to get together with friends for an evening, have dessert and chat, plus have the chance to pass on any items I am purging and no longer require, as a result of currently sorting out and reorganizing our kitchen.

It really feels good to be getting one area of the house sorted out and better organized at present. The transformation in the kitchen has been worth working at.

Maybe having some type of Swap Party or similar fun-focused activity at the end of each reorganization I do about the house, will be a good extra motivator for me.  Particularly when there may well be some other necessary deep-cleaning jobs, that I may just not feel too keen to get on with addressing, with the other overhaul projects I am planning to do in and around our home!

Dessert, an evening to get together and chat with friends, plus an opportunity to pass on no-longer-required kitchen items..... sounds like a lovely event to look forward to and enjoy participating in.

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