How To Keep Your Husband Happy (Key Two)

A happy home, by all outward appearances, depends so much on there being a happy husband. A happy husband, a happy man, will be easier to live with. A happy man is one who likes to travel through life believing that his world is right, he is the key household provider, and he is the primary bestower of ample household blessings. What are some keys to keeping your husband happy and therefore a family intact? What are some essential considerations that every wife should take onboard and habitually practice for a husband to experience happiness? In this series of posts titled, "How To Keep Your Husband Happy," I will share a number of key points that stand out as being necessary to keep a husband happy and therefore potentially a family intact.

In the previous post I shared that the first key point to take onboard is that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Always. Do remember that, Ladies. Providing good, filling meals in a timely fashion habitually will most definitely contribute towards keeping your husband happy. Regardless of whether you work full-time, part-time, casually or are doing no paid employment at all, she who is wife must be the primary meal creator in any given household for the husband to remain happy. The primary way to a man's heart is always through his stomach.

A hungry man becomes quickly an angry man. A hungry man quickly becomes an unhappy man. An unhappy man becomes a difficult man. A difficult man becomes a retractor of blessing and provision. A difficult man becomes a disgruntled man and should he be inclined, he may well soon stray to another willing table. A happy man is indeed one with a full and satisfied stomach. Keeping a man feed well, his belly round and full, is a primary key on the way to keeping a husband happy.

The second most paramount key to keeping a man happy is keep things orderly. A man wants to be able find a pen, a teaspoon, a USB stick, a roll of toilet paper, a clean pair of socks, etc in a timely manner. Regardless of where he last unwittingly placed an item, he wants to be able to find it in its designated and intended catch-all storage place the next time he needs it. Don't sulk or groan about how many times you pick up after him, just do it. It is perceived to be part and parcel of your ultimate wifely duty to do so. 

It is wise to practise graciousness for the sake of the overall atmosphere in the home to remain pleasant and peaceful; a happy husband afterall keeps a home happy and blissful for all its occupants. I have a vivid childhood memory of being woken in the night because my father was most disappointed that he could not find a pen readily at his disposal; clearly it should have been returned to its designated spot and we had all failed him. Likewise, over numerous years of married life, circumstances have taught me it is best to simply clean up and return things to order, because a husband is so much happier when one does.

A man likes things to be orderly. A man likes things to be clean. It needs to look clean and it needs to be clean. It is deemed by most men to be up to the woman of the house to keep things smelling fresh and to keep surfaces cleaned and polished; a man will never see what a woman so clearly can see. A man will never see dirt on windowframes, nor will he naturally feel inclined to follow a load of dirty washing through from collecting it, through to returning it laundered and folded to each and every drawer or cupboard; he just anticipates it will be quietly done for him.

To keep your husband happy you need to keep him well clothed in freshly laundered clothing. You need to ensure his socks always match and are readily available in his designated sock drawer each day. You need to keep the bathroom clean and every mirror he uses streak-free and easily accessible, ready for him to engage in his personal grooming. His favourite toothpaste needs to be onhand and his personal grooming kit always quietly and discreetly returned to its designated spot, should he have unwittingly left it somewhere else in his rush each day. 

A man wants his living quarters to be clean, tidy and orderly. He appreciates seeing his house kept in as close to excellent order as possible. Beds should be made, decor cushions and blankets kept fluffed and inviting, and all flat surfaces kept free of as much excess clutter as possible. A man wants to return to his house, his castle, each day to retreat, to be pampered. A man wants to find within all the walls of his house complete and utter soul-filling rest. It is deemed a wise and most excellent wife who steps up and keeps his castle that way.

Should you have small children, consider how best to orchestrate the end of the day so that when your husband returns he will find order and not chaos, peace and not unsettledness. Toys, books and games perhaps be best put away well in advance of a man's return home; he needs his space and his rest after working so hard on his manly activities. 

Regardless of how tired or frazzled you may be with your own full-time workload, remember your husband believes he deserves to find his home and castle in order. Put aside any ill-feelings you may, change your clothes and tidy your hair if need be, and present a pleasant sight always to the king who has returned to the castle. Keeping order is the second most important key towards keeping your husband happy. 

Cast aside any selfishness or ill-feeling you may wish to harbour and remember all that he has done for you and your children to ensure you have shelter and the right to sit at his table. He chose you out of all the gals he could have chosen to be his wife, and he will deem it appropriate for you to now honour him with orderliness, in order to retain that most coveted position of being not only a wife, but his specific wife. A happy husband requires order within his household.

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