How To Keep Your Husband Happy (Key One)

A happy home, by all outward appearances, depends so much on there being a happy husband. A happy husband, a happy man, will be easier to live with. A happy man is one who likes to travel through life believing that his world is right, he is the key household provider, and he is the primary bestower of ample household blessings. All and all he wants to know that ultimately, with little effort on his part, there is order obtained and retained in his kingdom and in his dominion. Every man wants to believe he is a king, and every man wants to believe he owns and possesses a castle........... and it is perceived in many quarters that it is in a wife's best interests to keep it that way; for both her sake and that of any children.

Rock the boat and make a man unhappy and the boat will perceived to be solely only going to sink. Challenge the desired and sought after order, and disorder will soon creep in, and a home will be deemed soon to be immeasurably broken should a husband become unhappy and therefore difficult. A good wife is perceived to be one who does not go consciously seeking that beyond the prevailing dominant order; that man and husband come first and foremost, always.

What are some keys to keeping your husband happy and therefore a family intact? What are some essential considerations that every wife should take onboard and habitually practice for a husband to experience happiness? In this post I will share the first of a number of key points that stand out as being necessary to keep a husband happy and therefore potentially a family intact.


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Always. Do remember that, Ladies.  If you provide good meals in a timely fashion habitually your husband will be happy. Regardless of whether you work full-time, part-time, casually or are doing no paid employment at all, YOU must be the primary meal creator in your household for your husband to remain happy. The primary way to a man's heart is always through his stomach. Your husband will retain respect for you if you simply get on and make those kitchen creations come to be, and not make any fuss about doing anything contrary. 

He will compare you on the culinary providing front with his own mother and grandmother, and that is a factual reality. Regardless of how much he may protest that he isn't tied to his mother's apron strings, he will still always think fondly of how his own mother cooked and baked whilst he got to simply relax standing by. Memories of Mama busily cooking, baking and keeping his belly round, full and satisfied...................the memory will be one that carries considerable extra sweet weight for sure.

Gone are the days of fantasy thinking that girls can do anything or everything, and that somehow your husband or partner will step up and willingly embrace doing more to meet you 50:50. He simply won't; it's not in his human nature. A man wants to be fed and he wants to be fed well, and the prettier the delivery (and deliverer!) the better all be for it. 

If you want that man in your life, if you want him to remain in your life, you are going to have to orchestrate everything so his needs are always met at the dining table at every meal. You need to balance time, energy and prioritise everything to ensure his stomach needs are met or he will soon become a very, very unhappy fellow.

A man doesn't want to have the nuisance of meal planning. He simply doesn't want to have to cook or bake for others, when he has perceived there to be more important priorities. He needs YOU to make the time. He needs YOU to make it a priority to feed him and meet his culinary needs. He desires and wants YOU to always keep the priority of putting food on his plate when and how he likes it. Remember, Ladies, his heart is just above his stomach and his brain is not that much further about his heart.

He wants you to make him meals that are deserving of his praise. He wants you to make him meals that smell and look good. After a long hard day of doing his manly activities, he just wants to take a comfortable seat and have a meal presented on the table in front of him that is going to fill his belly and appease his appetite. Remember, Ladies, to keep your husband happy you need to keep him fed and full. 

Is there a need to make finances stretch and would it save money if he took a lunch from home? Would a home packed lunch help the budget, rather than daily purchases being made from a downstairs bakery at his workplace? YOU need to make sure that lunch is prepared and packed ready for him. He simply won't want to bother preparing it himself, after a long, hard day of work and commuting. In his mind, there is no little sin in sneaking off downstairs to spend a couple of dollars on a pastry or pie. He will simply choose to do it, in order to ultimately save himself time; no matter the financial advantage lost for the rest of the household. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach and he will always want his stomach filled. 

Time is money and money is time, and it is a rare man who will consciously go out of his way to prepare both a nutritious and budget-friendly lunch for a day, let alone a week in advance.......... he simply doesn't want to bother with the prep work, when he has other personal priorities each evening or weekend.

A hungry man becomes quickly an angry man. A hungry man quickly becomes an unhappy man. An unhappy man becomes a difficult man. A difficult man becomes a retractor of blessing and provision. A difficult man becomes a disgruntled man and should he be inclined, he may well soon stray to another willing table.

Put on a tablecloth, put out some flowers, get out the best of your crockery & cutlery and create the ambience that he believes he deserves at each point of the day. Prepare each and every meal for him with diligence and thought, regardless of how tired you yourself may be. Be creative, however be mindful always that he will have preferences and specific palate pleasures, and the more you cater for them, the happier he will be. 

It is your job to make the most of what budget is available for food. It is your job to make the most of whatever ingredients you have available, however remember a little sugar and a little cream are sure to keep a man extra happy. Don't complain, don't verbalise your concerns, he doesn't want to have his experience of eating spoilt. Simply make sure he is always feed until he is satisfied and resolve any personal needs you yourself have for food quietly and in a more timely fashion later, behind the scenes while you clean up both table and kitchen (Yes, that is best to be dealt by you also, if you truly want to keep your husband happy).

Regardless of whether there is enough food left in the fridge, the freezer or pantry, always make sure your husband gets fed first. Encourage your children to eat smaller portions if need be, they can always have a little snack or sandwich quietly later if still hungry. First and foremost, always provide for your husband at the family dining table; he expects it, he desires it and he will thank you for it in his mind, no matter how difficult the rest of life may currently be.

A happy man is one with a full and satisfied stomach. Those seeking to capture themselves a husband would be wise to learn how to cook, how to bake, and how to appease a man's personal culinary appetite. Those seeking to capture themselves a husband would be wise to weigh up their availability and commitment ahead of time as to how much they are prepared to invest in keeping a man happy, because it will become a paramount key concern to ensure stability in the home. 

A good portion of able-bodied menfolk consciously go seeking for a woman to wed who will ultimately sacrifice her priorities to met his priorities, it is best if she knows it from the outset. If she also proves to resemble in some measure his own mother or grandmother on the culinary practice front, she is all the better for it and therefore even more valuable to pursue. Keeping a man feed well, his belly round and full, is a primary key on the way to keeping a husband happy.

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